RoscoeaPICT0017Sideways picture of Roscoea.

We are a small nursery based in Painswick, Gloucestershire, specialising in shade-loving plants including Ferns, Hostas, Arisaemas, Polyganatum, Asarums,  Disporopsis, Roscoeas, Podophyllums to name just a few. See our "Plants" list.

We sell mainly at Rare Plant fairs (see our "Events" list for details). However, if you would like to purchase some plants listed on our "Plants" page we can take  them to a plant fair of your choosing or you can collect from our nursery. Alternatively, come and see our untidy nursery and choose and collect your plants but contact before please. 

Plants that thrive in shade usually originate in woodland.

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Come and visit our small nursery.

We advise callers to phone or email before calling in case we are not at home.  

PLEASE try and remember to bring re-usable bags or trolleys to put your purchases in. We are trying to reduce the amount of plastic in the world.



                                                                 Picture of Arisaema sauromatum var. mayebarai

01452 812459


It is our home, so you will usually find Tony in the tunnel houses on Mondays and most other days too except most weekends in the Spring and Summer when we sell from stalls at Rare plant fairs and other venues (See events list).

Tony has an interest in Arisaemas and has grown them for about 20 years. He sometimes has spare plants available if interested please ask. 



You can contact us on 01452 812459, or email tony@shadyplants.com.

12304161_942805149118538_7157265129981755564_o (2)

Some of Tony's baby Podophyllums getting bigger ready for sale in the Spring.

Why not come along to one of the plant fairs or events that we will be attending, they're listed in "Events".


Begonia -grandis -evansii -border -091806-1

Begonia grandis evansii

Hardy begonia lights up that shady spot.

We welcome visitors, but please phone or email first to make sure we are at home.

We are in the Cotswolds and there are many glorious gardens to visit in our area.

Tony and Sylvia Marden

Upper Doreys Mill


near Stroud, Glos

01452 812459



Small list of plants available

 Small list of plants available on "PLANTS" (Top of page)

We sell at the Plant fairs or at our nursery.

Pre ordered Plants can be collected at the nursery or can be brought to a plant fair near you.



We are trying to reduce the amount of plastic bags in the world. So, if you could remember to bring some re-usable bags to put your planty purchases in that would be good. Thank you. 


For a list of where we shall be going next click on"EVENTS" at the top of the page.